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Job: Paramedic

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Feb. 29, 2020
Tulare County
American Ambulance of Visalia

CLICK HERE TO BEGIN or Please have a recruiter contact me * Tweet Job Title Paramedic * Location Visalia,CA Position is based out of Visalia,CA Department Operations FLSA Status Non-Exempt American Ambulance of Visalia proudly serves the greater Visalia area and portions of rural Tulare County. Visalia is centrally located between Los Angeles and Sacramento in the County of Tulare. AAVEMS responds to approximately 20,000 emergency and non-emergency related incidents per year and offers Advanced Life Support (Paramedic) and Basic Life Support (EMT) level of care. Transportation and care of sick and injured patients as assigned by dispatch and is responsible for the general care and cleanliness of assigned vehicles and stations as needed or required by the company. Qualifications 1. Shall be licensed by the State of California as an Emergency Medical Technician Paramedic. This is to include being an insurable driver according to the standards of the company's insurance. 2. Shall be accredited by the Central California EMS Agency as a Paramedic. 3. Must follow the guidelines set forth by American Ambulance of Visalia, the QI Coordinator, and any and all agencies having authority to create guidelines that would cause to have affect on the performance of the job of a Paramedic. 4. Must be capable of directing the function of each team member in a professional manner including, but not limited to all standards of health, safety, welfare and ethical behavior. 5. Shall be capable of the physical movement of the patient from point of pick-up to point of delivery and must be capable of bending, stooping, twisting, and pulling with only the assistance of one other person. 6. Shall have has a minimum level of education, a high school diploma or equivalent. * *Individual and Clinical Responsibilities 1. Responsible for the safe and appropriate care and timely transportation of the injured or ill patient, and will direct treatment of the team in accordance with local protocols, practices and medical control. 2. He/she must be able to operate an ambulance/Medivan in a safe and legal manner under varying conditions to respond to and transport patients. 3. Will be responsible for the conduct and personal appearance of both team members. While working with an EMT-I, acts as Senior Personnel while on/off the unit (i.e., the Paramedic will be responsible for the ambulance as well as the station duties and safety). He/she is responsible for equipment maintained on the unit. If any equipment (equipment listed on the daily check-off list) is missing after he/she has gone off duty, he/she will be responsible for the replacement of that equipment. 4. Responsible for the correct and timely completion of all paperwork (including invoices, PCR forms, checklists, etc.) 5. Responsible daily for signing in and out of all controlled drugs and documentation of any discrepancies concerning the controlled drug. 6. Responsible for maintaining vehicle security when personnel are not in attendance of the vehicle (i.e. the vehicle must remain locked at all times with controlled drugs double locked). 7. Is responsible for all radio transmissions by either team member. 8. Responsible for the condition of the assigned vehicle, including cleanliness inside and out, and good condition of all equipment. 9. He/she will be in charge of the vehicle(s) and equipment assigned to the team and is responsible for the vehicle(s) and equipment for the duration of the shift. 10. Will report to their supervisor, in writing, any and all malfunctions of, and/or damage to any equipment, whether or not the member was using or operating the equipment at the time of the damage or malfunction. 11. Responsible for the team response to, and compliance with, all dispatch orders or directions. 12. He/she is also responsible to assure that all ambulances are parked inside the garages during the night hours and during adverse weather conditions. 13. The Paramedic is responsible for preparing and instructing EMS related continuing education classes as assigned by the QI/Training Coordinator. 14. The Paramedic is responsible for attending all mandatory training and meeting sessions as required by the company. 15. The Paramedic is responsible for attending the required number continuing education credits each certification period. He/She is also responsible for obtaining all required ACLS certification, PALS (or equivalent) certification during each certification period. Documentation must be made available to the QI Coordinator. C.E. approval is based upon Central California EMS Agency approval of the course content and appropriate course approval number. * The work statements for this position are intended to describe the general nature and level of work being performedby people assigned to the classification of Paramedic. They are not considered as an exhaustive list of all job duties. CLICK HERE TO BEGIN or Please have a recruiter contact me * Tweet

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